Fun Facts

Ham Lake Population Trend (click to see bigger)

Population: 15,650 
Land area: 36 square miles
Total number of households: 5,171 (2010 Census)
Average persons per household: 2.95 (2010 Census)
ZIP Code: 55304
Area Code: 763
Time Zone: CST
County: Anoka
Organized as a Township: 1871
Incorporated as a City: January 8, 1974
Form of Government: Council/Administrator
Elevation: 899 feet
Average maximum temperature: 54.0 degrees Fahrenheit
Average minimum temperature: 35.0 degrees Fahrenheit
Average annual precipitation: 32.70 inches
Average number of days with 0.1 inch of precipitation or more: 61.30 days
(This gives an indication of the number of days in a year that it is useful to have an umbrella!)
Average annual snowfall: 48.04 inches
Median annual household income: $84,000
Median Taxable Market Value:
(single family home)
$264,600  (2011)
$248,900  (2012)
Average selling price
(single family home)
$248,424  (2009)
$237,092  (2010)