Garbage & Recycling

Ham Lake Haulers

Ham Lake’s residential garbage and recycling service contractor is Ham Lake Haulers.  Ham Lake Haulers is a partnership between ACE Solid Waste and Waste Management. The organization was created to better manage the garbage and recycling system in the City of Ham Lake.

Address: 6601 McKinley St NW, Ramsey, MN 55303
Customer service hours: Mon- Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

To Start/Change Service or View Pickup/Holiday Schedules

Go to 

Collection Times

Garbage and recycling collection begins at 7 a.m. Please have your carts out at the curb by 6:30 a.m. to ensure collection. 

Refuse Cart Size and Pricing Schedule

(Effective 2/1/2021 – 1/31/26 w/ slight increase each year.)

Curbside Refuse Pickup 2/21/2021 2/1/2022 2/1/2023 2/1/2024 2/1/2025

30-38 Gallon* 


$12.58/mo. $12.83/mo. $13.08/mo. $13.35/mo.

60-76 Gallon*


$18.07/mo. $18.44/mo. $18.80/mo. $19.18/mo.

77-90 Gallon*


$20.66/mo. $21.07/mo. $21.49/mo. $21.92/mo.

Two Container*


$29.92/mo. $30.51/mo. $31.13/mo. $31.75/mo.



$16.31/mo. $16.64/mo. $16.97/mo. $17.31/mo.

Curbside Recycle Only


$6.68/mo. $6.81/mo. $6.95/mo. $7.09/mo.

*Customers will not be charged extra so long as all Refuse offered for picked is contained in the container, even if extending slightly above the top of the rim of the container.

***This rate shall only apply to Townhomes, per dwelling unit.

Billing is done quarterly.  Autopay is available and can be initiated once the first invoice has been generated. You will need a recent invoice and your account number that begins with 3067.  Go to or call 763-427-3112 to setup auto pay.

Recycling Carts

Contact Ham Lake Haulers to obtain one or more recycling carts.  Acceptable curbside items are listed on the Curbside Recycling Guide.